more bread! – sweet buns & everyday bread

made two other batches after the nutella twist, so it’s a total of 3 batches in a week ๐Ÿ™‚

first we’re made into buns…i used the sweet bun recipe from happy home baker again (since the last one worked so well). i liked the result…i filled half the buns with pork floss and half with nutella (i was too lazy again to make the choc paste).

next time i’d make the rolls a bit ‘thinner’ when shaping them as they rose quite a lot during baking, so i must leave space for that. i also need to make sure that i don’t have too much nutella oozing out, as it will burn :/

i love the swirls in the photo, but the effect didnt come out after it was baked ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i like the braid and twist as well.


for the second batch, i used another recipe (again, from HHB ;]) – everyday bread.

by just looking at is here, it looks huge right? but the tin i used was tiny – only 16cm wide. so i ended up with a cute mini loaf.

there was like this dent at the other side of the bread…leading to a misformed slice haha.
i don’t really like this recipe, i prefer the other ones i used. i thought that the bread was a bit dry and not soft enough…maybe because this time i used another brand of flour. must experiment more to get better results!

i can’t help to repeat the fact that the slices are just so cute! i really like the mini loaf ๐Ÿ˜€
and the leftover dough was used to make three buns. filled my pork floss (again, cause it goes well with bread) and topped with some white toasted sesame seeds. btw, toast your pork floss and sesame over a hot pan for a bit before using it for the bread – it taste much nicer (especially if you store your pork floss in the fridge like my mum does).


January 21, 2008. bread.

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