doggie cookies

made for my friend for her bday πŸ™‚

the recipe is from here. i absoulutely hate horlicks (i just can’t stand the drink, even when i was small :S) so i omitted the whole portion of horlicks for sugar. i used the new muji chocolate drops – two of them were perfect for the cookie πŸ™‚

before baking. they turned out ok…but due to my weird oven some turned out a bit too brown…and the koko krunch was a bit burnt too. maybe because the dough wasnt evenly shaped, so some bits weren’t cooked yet.

but then they were nice and crumbly, and my friend liked them so all the hussle in shaping and pressingand picking out decent koko krunches was worth it πŸ™‚


January 28, 2008. chocolate, cookies, sweet.

One Comment

  1. ovenhaven replied:

    Cute cookies! I hated, and still hate, Horlicks, so I substituted mine with Milo instead. I must say that your cookies look really cute, especially the grumpy-looking one at the second row in the first picture πŸ˜›

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