mango cheesecake

made this to use up some of the mangoes mum bought. they were really sweet after letting them ripe for a few days 🙂 this was really easy to whip up, and it was yummy too. only thing is that i think that there wasn’t enough mango flavour in the filling, but i already used the 3 mangoes i had left on hand – one for the cheese filling, one diced and mixed into the cheese and one for the jelly topping.


i planned to use mango jelly for the topping, but parknshop ran out of mango flavoured jelly powder! argh, so i had to use orange instead, which resulted in this overly-bright colour that sort of hid the mango slices on top. :S an important note is that you must add the jelly in two batches, as the mango slices are likely to float around, and the first layer of jelly helps ‘stick’ them down.



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sausage rolls

yum yum yum. tastes like the ones i’ve eaten nearly all my life in hk. recipe here (the site is great – gives you loads of tips and detailed instructions). the buns on the top pic were baked in a cupcake pan, so it looks like a cupcake haha. my mum gave three to the kid next door and he says they were yummy. well, were his comments true? yeah, i think they’re yummy. not uber-professionally yummy, but then this is a good recipe.

this bread was made with a water roux method – ‘tang zhong’. it consists of bread flour cooked with water initially to a paste, which is then added along with other bread ingredients. apparently it makes your bread much more moist and fluffy, which is exactly what i achieved 😀

try it if you’re a fan of soft and fluffy bread 🙂 i really like it, and i think it will go well with other fillings, or as a loaf too.

oh no. i am actually supposed to be revising this easter holiday….but it seems like i’ve spent more time baking than actually sitting quietly with books in front of me. not good! so far i’ve made…doughnuts, these sausage rolls, rice krispies and chocolate pudding! and i just made a mango cheesecake which is setting in the fridge right now. bleh.

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baked doughnuts


i’ve wanted to make doughnuts for a long time, but my mum has banned me from making anything deepfried cause she says it’s unhealthy. so i tried a BAKED doughnut recipe, which doesnt involve any sizzling oil and the bad smell.

i halved the recipe i used, as i knew we wouldn’t finished so many. i ended up with around 11. the doughnuts turned out okay – they weren’t as soft as the krispy kreme ones as i think i didn’t let it proof enough. for some reason, the dough took ages and ages to proof. maybe because i mixed it with warm milk? (which is what the recipe says, but i don’t do it in bread making normally) otherwise, it tasted quite good.

after baking, they were dipped into melted butter and coated with sugar. tasted pretty good whilst piping hot! aaand, innards. see how it’s not got many holes in it…not enough air = not soft enough 😦

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chocolate cupcakes

made for michelle’s birthday. they were wonderful, and everyone liked them alot! the frosting was divine, and its sweetness complimented the cupcake’s bitter chocolatey-ness. the recipe (from cupcake bakeshop) is definently a keeper!

the decoration was very simple as i cannot do anything fancy and those dragees and sugar decorations were the only thing i had on hand. the cupcakes were quite easy to whip up…i was going to do vanilla frosting as well but i think i overbeat that and it turned out somewhat watery…so i just frosted them with chocolate frosting. 😛


the cupcake on its own is yummy as well. it has a bitter-sweet chocolatey taste and very soft, fluffy and light. good for people (like my mum) that like to eat cake but can’t stand sugary things like frosting. but i still think it’s better with the frosting 😛 i used varlhona cocoa powder, andi was suprised at the chocolatey-ness of it. jeng.

the recipe says that it is supposed to be a flat cupcake…but for some reason mine were domed! thank god they didn’t overflow…i kept my fingers crossed when i saw them rising rapidly! next time i’m going to fill the papers halfway only instead of 2/3 or 3/4s full.

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