chocolate cupcakes

made for michelle’s birthday. they were wonderful, and everyone liked them alot! the frosting was divine, and its sweetness complimented the cupcake’s bitter chocolatey-ness. the recipe (from cupcake bakeshop) is definently a keeper!

the decoration was very simple as i cannot do anything fancy and those dragees and sugar decorations were the only thing i had on hand. the cupcakes were quite easy to whip up…i was going to do vanilla frosting as well but i think i overbeat that and it turned out somewhat watery…so i just frosted them with chocolate frosting. 😛


the cupcake on its own is yummy as well. it has a bitter-sweet chocolatey taste and very soft, fluffy and light. good for people (like my mum) that like to eat cake but can’t stand sugary things like frosting. but i still think it’s better with the frosting 😛 i used varlhona cocoa powder, andi was suprised at the chocolatey-ness of it. jeng.

the recipe says that it is supposed to be a flat cupcake…but for some reason mine were domed! thank god they didn’t overflow…i kept my fingers crossed when i saw them rising rapidly! next time i’m going to fill the papers halfway only instead of 2/3 or 3/4s full.


March 16, 2008. chocolate, cupcakes, sweet.

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