baked doughnuts


i’ve wanted to make doughnuts for a long time, but my mum has banned me from making anything deepfried cause she says it’s unhealthy. so i tried a BAKED doughnut recipe, which doesnt involve any sizzling oil and the bad smell.

i halved the recipe i used, as i knew we wouldn’t finished so many. i ended up with around 11. the doughnuts turned out okay – they weren’t as soft as the krispy kreme ones as i think i didn’t let it proof enough. for some reason, the dough took ages and ages to proof. maybe because i mixed it with warm milk? (which is what the recipe says, but i don’t do it in bread making normally) otherwise, it tasted quite good.

after baking, they were dipped into melted butter and coated with sugar. tasted pretty good whilst piping hot! aaand, innards. see how it’s not got many holes in it…not enough air = not soft enough 😦


March 19, 2008. sweet.


  1. Jenny replied:

    Those donuts look really delicious~

  2. sophie c replied:

    OOOH! I’m saving this recipe. I’ve been wanting to make donuts for awhile too :). I’m a fan of baked over fried recipes, thanks so much for sharing. They look really yummy :).

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