sausage rolls

yum yum yum. tastes like the ones i’ve eaten nearly all my life in hk. recipe here (the site is great – gives you loads of tips and detailed instructions). the buns on the top pic were baked in a cupcake pan, so it looks like a cupcake haha. my mum gave three to the kid next door and he says they were yummy. well, were his comments true? yeah, i think they’re yummy. not uber-professionally yummy, but then this is a good recipe.

this bread was made with a water roux method – ‘tang zhong’. it consists of bread flour cooked with water initially to a paste, which is then added along with other bread ingredients. apparently it makes your bread much more moist and fluffy, which is exactly what i achieved 😀

try it if you’re a fan of soft and fluffy bread 🙂 i really like it, and i think it will go well with other fillings, or as a loaf too.

oh no. i am actually supposed to be revising this easter holiday….but it seems like i’ve spent more time baking than actually sitting quietly with books in front of me. not good! so far i’ve made…doughnuts, these sausage rolls, rice krispies and chocolate pudding! and i just made a mango cheesecake which is setting in the fridge right now. bleh.


March 22, 2008. bread, savoury.


  1. Celine replied:

    I’m very interesting for the recipe, I can’t find on the blog you gave… (but the blog is still interesting! a lot of HK food yum)

    can you give me? thanks! 🙂

  2. flora replied:

    hi.. i randomly came across your blog. i wanna try making this, but i don’t seem to be able to find the recipe of it from the blog you posted. mind sending me the link to the recipe?

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