ratatouille from ratatouille

so after reading about smittenkitchen’s and foodbeam’s wonderful ratatouilles, i decided to make one as well. the vegetables i used for the layering were eggplants, zucchini, yellow&red bell peppers and tomatoes. for the tomato sauce, i used chopped tomatoes, fresh mushroom slices, onion and garlic. the dish turned out quite well, despite it’s not so appealing appearance – the veggies were cooked just right, with a bit of bite. i served it with some penne.


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black bottoms

yeah, these were made for school (again). i bought these along to my second-last day of year 11, before i go on exam leave. these are basically chocolate cupcakes with a cheesecake filling, made even more sinful with extra chocolate chips added in. yum. and because there is no frosting, i was able to carry many of these to school without damage, and these were minis again. recipe was from smitten kitchen.

these fellas taste better after chilling them overnight…it’s more moist/fudgy and the whole thing just tastes better.

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chocolate cupcakes for physics

i made these for my last ever physics lesson in my life – i’m not going to be taking it for IB, so yeah. the recipe was the same one i used last time for birthday cupcakes, the previous post is here. (this recipe is officialy foolproof for me :D)

this time i made them into minis, as it would be quite impossible for me to lug 25 standard sized cupcakes to school along with my books without half of them being squashed. i didn’t have much time to do the frosting, so i just topped each with an m’n’m and iced ‘Mr’ and ‘L’ onto two (my physics’ teacher’s name)

even though you’ll never read this: thankyou mr L for being a great teacher and for making physics easier to understand! i’m going to miss your lessons! (not so much of the actual physics though :P)

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stitch butter cookies

i’m extremly held up with work now…as my GCSEs are actually here. i just had my english literature exam yesterday…which was not good at all. anyways, the following posts will just be updating what i’ve been up to during the last month or so 🙂


first up are stitch shaped butter cookies! i bought these cutters immediately as i saw them on the shelf in a baking store. these are quite easy to make, and are really tasty too! (similar to kjeldsens cookies)

recipe here (via happy home baking)

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world peace cookies

these are like almost the best cookies ever. really easy to whip up, you can freeze the dough and bake cookies whenever you want, and most of all, they’re really chocolatey 😛

if only these cookies can really create world peace…

recipe from smitten kitchen (i simply love this site – brilliant photos, and deb’s flair with words)
this is the first recipe after months of stalking the smitten kitchen. almost half of my favs on delicous are recipes from there, but i never got round to trying out some… 😦

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