oreo cheesecake again

this oreo cheesecake was made for yanyan, my sunday school teacher that will be leaving us. i wasn’t there for the farewell party cause i had a running race (don’t ask :S), so i didn’t get to taste the cake.

the orginal recipe only has two layers-vanilla and oreo, but to make a bigger cake i adapted the recipe and added a third chocolate cheese layer and a chocolate ganache glaze to make the cake look neater.

the lettering was done with some leftover white chocolate ganache from sandwich cookies i did earlier. and do the letters look like they’re piped from a tube of mayonnaise? i think they do :P! my piping skills are bad, so i can only do big, bold letters 😦 the fish at the bottom was orignally a failed smiley face hahah.

but i like the border of silver dragees and red sugar hearts 🙂

oreo cheescake (adapted from evan’s recipe)
makes one 18cm cake

140g digestive biscuits, chopped into fine crumbs
60g melted butter

325g cream cheese
65ml milk
75g icing sugar
1 tbsp vanilla essence
12 oreo cookies (coarsly chopped)
4 oreo cookies (finely chopped)
250ml whipping cream
1tbsp+2tsp gelatine powder
4 tbsp boiling water
50g dark chocolate, melted & cooled

75g dark chocolate, chopped (or use chocolate chips)
50g butter
1/4 cup whipping cream
1 tbsp icing sugar

method :
1. prepare the base: mix biscuit crumbs & melted butter together and press firmly onto the base of cake tin. bake at 150 C for 5 mins. set aside.
2. prepare the filling: beat whipping cream with electric beaters until 70% stiff or until mousse-like.
3. double-boil gelatine & boiling water until totally dissolved. keep warm.
4. beat cream cheese, icing sugar, milk and vanilla essence until smooth & creamy. blend in gelatine solution.
5. blend in whipping cream.
6. split the mixture into 3 portions. pour one portion into cake base and chill for 15mins.
7. stir in finely chopped cookies into another portion of mixture. mix well.
8. blend in melted chocolate into the last portion of mixture.
9. sprinkle half the coarsely chopped cookies onto the first layer and pour on the second layer (mixture wil oreo crumbs in it). chill for another 15mins.
10. sprinkle on the remianing coarsely chopped cookies onto the second later and pour in the last portion of mixture. chill for 3-4 hours.
11. prepare the ganache: put the chocolate into a heatproof bowl. scald the cream and butter in a small saucepan. pour the scalded cream onto the chocolate and let it set for 2-3 mins.
12. stir the mixture until all the chocolate is melted and the ganache is smooth, then stir in the icing sugar.
13. let ganache cool for a little while until no longer hot, then pour over cheesecake. chill for 1/2 hour before decorating, and keep cake chilled until serving.


April 5, 2008. cheesecakes, chocolate.

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