twist, lick and dunk generously in a glass of milk.

finally tried out this recipe from smitten kitchen! haha yes, another revision snack.

the filling was a bit sweet for me, but i loved the cookie – they were great on their own too, crispy and chocolatey. but my cookies didn’t spread as much so the cookie was thicker and fatter in size hehe.

[still in exam mode :S]



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stitch butter cookies

i’m extremly held up with work now…as my GCSEs are actually here. i just had my english literature exam yesterday…which was not good at all. anyways, the following posts will just be updating what i’ve been up to during the last month or so πŸ™‚


first up are stitch shaped butter cookies! i bought these cutters immediately as i saw them on the shelf in a baking store. these are quite easy to make, and are really tasty too! (similar to kjeldsens cookies)

recipe here (via happy home baking)

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world peace cookies

these are like almost the best cookies ever. really easy to whip up, you can freeze the dough and bake cookies whenever you want, and most of all, they’re really chocolatey πŸ˜›

if only these cookies can really create world peace…

recipe from smitten kitchen (i simply love this site – brilliant photos, and deb’s flair with words)
this is the first recipe after months of stalking the smitten kitchen. almost half of my favs on delicous are recipes from there, but i never got round to trying out some… 😦

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even though i don’t have a valentine yet :P, i still made some food for my other dears πŸ™‚ last year i made chocolates, which was sort of time consuming so i decided to make cookies and fudge this year.

the cookies were shortbread cookiesΒ  made from the recipe taken from simply recipes.Β  But this recipe wasn’t as good as the one i used before for my christmas cookies, maybe because i substituted some flour for cornflour. so the cookies turned out a bit hard for my liking, but my friends thought it was ok. i dipped them in compound chocolate and did some simple decorations. the ones with letters are the initials for the more special people πŸ˜‰

the fudge recipe was from cooking for engineers, a site that i like very much πŸ™‚ the stpe by stpe photos and descriptions are very useful, and the occasional scientific explanation is interesting too. ok back to the fudge, the recipe was so simple it appealed to me ever since i read it, so it seems like it was the perfect excuse for me to try it out! the fudge turned out fine, but slightly too sweet. to save time cutting and prying out fudge, i made them in little cases and decorated them with white chocolate.

both makes were well recieved at school (i was worried that no-one would like the cookies cause i didn’t think they were that good), so they were happy and so was i πŸ˜€

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doggie cookies

made for my friend for her bday πŸ™‚

the recipe is from here. i absoulutely hate horlicks (i just can’t stand the drink, even when i was small :S) so i omitted the whole portion of horlicks for sugar. i used the new muji chocolate drops – two of them were perfect for the cookie πŸ™‚

before baking. they turned out ok…but due to my weird oven some turned out a bit too brown…and the koko krunch was a bit burnt too. maybe because the dough wasnt evenly shaped, so some bits weren’t cooked yet.

but then they were nice and crumbly, and my friend liked them so all the hussle in shaping and pressingand picking out decent koko krunches was worth it πŸ™‚

January 28, 2008. chocolate, cookies, sweet. 1 comment.

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