black bottoms

yeah, these were made for school (again). i bought these along to my second-last day of year 11, before i go on exam leave. these are basically chocolate cupcakes with a cheesecake filling, made even more sinful with extra chocolate chips added in. yum. and because there is no frosting, i was able to carry many of these to school without damage, and these were minis again. recipe was from smitten kitchen.

these fellas taste better after chilling them overnight…it’s more moist/fudgy and the whole thing just tastes better.


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chocolate cupcakes for physics

i made these for my last ever physics lesson in my life – i’m not going to be taking it for IB, so yeah. the recipe was the same one i used last time for birthday cupcakes, the previous post is here. (this recipe is officialy foolproof for me :D)

this time i made them into minis, as it would be quite impossible for me to lug 25 standard sized cupcakes to school along with my books without half of them being squashed. i didn’t have much time to do the frosting, so i just topped each with an m’n’m and iced ‘Mr’ and ‘L’ onto two (my physics’ teacher’s name)

even though you’ll never read this: thankyou mr L for being a great teacher and for making physics easier to understand! i’m going to miss your lessons! (not so much of the actual physics though :P)

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chocolate cupcakes

made for michelle’s birthday. they were wonderful, and everyone liked them alot! the frosting was divine, and its sweetness complimented the cupcake’s bitter chocolatey-ness. the recipe (from cupcake bakeshop) is definently a keeper!

the decoration was very simple as i cannot do anything fancy and those dragees and sugar decorations were the only thing i had on hand. the cupcakes were quite easy to whip up…i was going to do vanilla frosting as well but i think i overbeat that and it turned out somewhat watery…so i just frosted them with chocolate frosting. 😛


the cupcake on its own is yummy as well. it has a bitter-sweet chocolatey taste and very soft, fluffy and light. good for people (like my mum) that like to eat cake but can’t stand sugary things like frosting. but i still think it’s better with the frosting 😛 i used varlhona cocoa powder, andi was suprised at the chocolatey-ness of it. jeng.

the recipe says that it is supposed to be a flat cupcake…but for some reason mine were domed! thank god they didn’t overflow…i kept my fingers crossed when i saw them rising rapidly! next time i’m going to fill the papers halfway only instead of 2/3 or 3/4s full.

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christmas bakings – cupcakes & cookies

this is a very very belated post on my bakings for christmas. well, at least i’m doing it before 2008 🙂

first up are cookies i made for my friends. they were shortbread cookies w/ icing. the cookies were good i must say – buttery and crumbly, and sweet enough to go with the icing. because i made so many, it was quite hectic since i didnt have a food processor so i had to rub in so much butter and flour (and its winter)!


other than trees and hearts, there were also gingerbread men and stars, but i didn’t ice those. i made like 170-something cookies for school, 100 for family&relatives and around 100 for church! they were packaged and then given out like so (see the joy on my friend’s face XD);


recipe from BBC (click here). for choc flavoured shortbread, swap 1tbsp of flour for cocoa powder. the icing was just icing sugar mixed with water and food colouring, play around until you get the desired consistency.

second, CUPCAKES! they were made for my form party at school. cupcake was devil’s food chocolate cupcakes from here, and the frosting was buttercream (made from beating 100g melted white chocolate, 140g butter and 140g icing sugar together until smooth.)



cupcake tasted good as it was soft and airy, but they didn’t rise so evenly as i wanted them to, so i sliced off the uneven tops. frosting was a tad too sweet for me. the lettering is just bad – i wasnt very patient as it was quite late when i iced them, so i just used melted white chocolate instead of making more buttercream…my cupcake decorating skills still have a long long way to go!

hope everyone had a great christmas, and happy new year to all!
(argh i have my mock exams straight after holidays :S)

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