christmas bakings – cupcakes & cookies

this is a very very belated post on my bakings for christmas. well, at least i’m doing it before 2008 🙂

first up are cookies i made for my friends. they were shortbread cookies w/ icing. the cookies were good i must say – buttery and crumbly, and sweet enough to go with the icing. because i made so many, it was quite hectic since i didnt have a food processor so i had to rub in so much butter and flour (and its winter)!


other than trees and hearts, there were also gingerbread men and stars, but i didn’t ice those. i made like 170-something cookies for school, 100 for family&relatives and around 100 for church! they were packaged and then given out like so (see the joy on my friend’s face XD);


recipe from BBC (click here). for choc flavoured shortbread, swap 1tbsp of flour for cocoa powder. the icing was just icing sugar mixed with water and food colouring, play around until you get the desired consistency.

second, CUPCAKES! they were made for my form party at school. cupcake was devil’s food chocolate cupcakes from here, and the frosting was buttercream (made from beating 100g melted white chocolate, 140g butter and 140g icing sugar together until smooth.)



cupcake tasted good as it was soft and airy, but they didn’t rise so evenly as i wanted them to, so i sliced off the uneven tops. frosting was a tad too sweet for me. the lettering is just bad – i wasnt very patient as it was quite late when i iced them, so i just used melted white chocolate instead of making more buttercream…my cupcake decorating skills still have a long long way to go!

hope everyone had a great christmas, and happy new year to all!
(argh i have my mock exams straight after holidays :S)


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